The White House is a bespoke interior design service based in Marbella, established in 2011 by principal designer Christina White, from whom the company takes its name. The company creates stunning residential and commercial spaces for a wide range of international and local clients in Marbella and beyond.

The majority of our commissions originate via client referrals. The White House is a labour of love, not a job, and Lovisa is totally passionate about her work and it is a very important part of her life. That you can see in her dedication towards her clients in designs and projects. She travels to different international trade fairs to be inspired and up to date with the latest trends, all to give a better service to her clients.

As Scandinavian expats in Marbella, we have a special empathy for our overseas clientele and think nothing of going that extra mile. To The White House, interior design is not just a job it is a way of life. And a way of life that makes us very happy.


Lovisa De Ruyck Johansson

Owner / Interior Designer

I was born in Sweden, in an enchanting little town called Nora. At 19 I decided to widen my views and went to Madrid, Spain, where I studied Interior Design at Istituto Europeo di Design. With time my professional life led me to the fascinating coastal town of Marbella.That is where, in 2011, I joined Christina at the White House. After having worked many years together, our professional relationship became a beautiful friendship.
Interior design is not just a passion; it has become my way of life. This immersion into the world of design leads me to explore the intricate relationship between architecture, textures, lighting, and materials. Each carefully chosen element contributes to a visual symphony that goes beyond the aesthetic.
In this creative journey, I find a deep connection between creativity and functionality. Architecture becomes a canvas where fabrics tell stories and lighting evokes subtle emotions. Interior design thus becomes a silent expression that reflects the identity of each space and those who inhabit it.
My focus is on merging aesthetics with functionality, creating environments that are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and tailored to specific needs. In each project, I aim to capture the essence of those who enjoy it, turning interior design into a dynamic and ever-evolving form of art.

Christina White


Christina White, the visionary founder of The White House, embodies the very essence of elegance and creativity in the world of interior design. Her appreciation for exquisite fabrics, enveloping textures, and the constant pursuit of beauty and harmony in spaces has left an indelible mark on the industry. More than just a leader, Christina has been an endless source of inspiration for those fortunate enough to work alongside her.
With a palpable devotion to things crafted with dedication and love, Christina has been not only a leader but also an exceptional mentor. Over the twelve years of collaboration, we have shared not only projects and challenges but also a shared passion for interior design as an art form that transforms spaces into captivating experiences.
Christina’s retirement not only marks the end of an era at The White House but also highlights the legacy of dedication and hard work that has defined her career. Despite her decision to retire, the connection between us continues to flourish into a strong friendship nurtured day by day. Her teachings endure within the company, infusing each project with the imprint of mastery and love for design.
Today, more than ever, we feel honored to carry forward her vision and legacy, always remembering that passion, dedication, and friendship are the foundations upon which we build not only aesthetically appealing spaces but also lasting relationships that transcend the professional realm.

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