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The White House is a bespoke interior design service based in Marbella, established in 2011 by principal designer Christina White, from who the shop takes its name. The company creates stunning residential and commercial spaces for a wide range of international and local clients in Marbella and beyond.

The majority of our commissions originate via client referrals. The White House is a labour of love not a job and Christina can often be found in the showroom late at night, on weekends and holidays, or she will be at trade shows checking out the latest interior design trends.

As Scandinavian expats in Marbella, we have a special empathy for our overseas clientele and think nothing of going that extra mile. To The White House, interior design is not just a job it is a way of life. And a way of life that makes us very happy.

Christina White

founder and principal designer

Christina left Sweden aged 19 to travel the world, working in Los Angeles, Madrid and Berlin, before settling in Marbella. Although not formally trained, she discovered her eye for design whilst working in an interior design shop, after 13 years set up The White House … and the rest if history.

As a trained interpreter - Christina speaks Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, German, English and French - she can get to grips with the important aspects of your brief and build a personal rapport in your own language. In fact many of Christina’s clients have gone on to become good friends…which is exactly how she likes it!

Perfect project: Any project that produces a smile when the scheme is revealed.

Lovisa Johansson

interior designer

Originally from Nora in Sweden, similar to Christina she also decided to leave home and travel overseas at the tender age of 19. Since then she has qualified as an interior designer at Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid 2004 and has worked with Christina since they were introduced by a mutual acquaintance in 2012. Today, after a brief hiatus at the beginning of 2014 when she took time out to have her first baby, they make a formidable to team, offering a bespoke personal design service.

Perfect project: The type of project is not important.. as long as it thrills me and lets my creativity flow.

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